Our Agenda

We have a 5-fold agenda

1️⃣ Building Value (and Creating Wealth) Through Business Ownership

2️⃣ A Bigger Vision

3️⃣ Business Value Marketplace and Funding

4️⃣ Consolidations and Industry Roll-Up

5️⃣ Taking Companies Public


Our business platform: West Africa Business Centre exists in order to help MSMEs and SMEs operating in sub-Saharan Africa understand what it takes to build a formidable business.

In these parts of the world, we tend to pay more attention towards mindset and motivation as opposed to properly learning the principles of business development. The critical knowledge required to build businesses that can actually stand the test of time is missing.

The effect of this is that even though you might have business owners that are motivated to go out there and try to make things happen in their business. In the long run, you see that they can barely scale (expand) the business or build wealth or any value at all, out of the business.

These business owners don’t understand how to build value in a business.

There is a difference between the following: a business owner, a self-employed employee and a self-employed business manager. One clear distinction is that a true business owner thinks about increasing value in the company while doubling and tripling profit.

Self-employed people and business managers only dream about how to increase their wages/salaries for example.

This is the reason we have developed a five-fold agenda to help visionary business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals build the business of their dreams.

The vision has been clear in their spirits all along, but the know-how was missing. We are happy to help them implement our five-fold agenda in their business as appropriate.

Step 1

Building Value (and Creating Wealth) Through Business Ownership

The time has come to explain how exactly wealth and value is generated in a business. The game is not about making money today through sales of products and services, it is really about building wealth by understanding that the business is an asset. Your business is your real wealth, not the money you make on sales.

The need to understand business valuation and how to build value in the business.

Step 2

A Bigger Vision

There is a business truth that is well known and yet, kept secret at the same time. It is an uncomfortable truth that most people would rather shy away from.

The truth is that when it comes to business building, bigger is better. Smaller businesses wobble through, beaten black and blue by market forces as they can pull no weight on their own. This is why business owners are unable to find that much-needed balance in their business as the numbers barely work out at small scale.

If business building is really about building an asset, then it makes sense to build the biggest possible version of your business vision.

If you want to survive, thrive and grow in business, you must dream bigger. What if we set a minimum vision of building businesses across WEST AFRICA? Taking your business beyond the borders of your country.

What would it take to dream bigger and then get out there and start building it?

Step 3

Business Value Marketplace and Funding

We want to build a marketplace. A place of exchange, a place where capital, expertise, ideas and professionalism can finally find expressions and be rewarded.

We will help you attract funding and investment, on-board new partners or stakeholders into your business or exit your business entirely by selling it.

There are many reasons to sell your business; you might need to transition into another phase of life or simply retire. Most small businesses right now simply disappear as their founders retire, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

Step 4

Consolidations and Industry Roll-Up

Rather than compete, what if you buy up your competition?

Have you ever thought about that?

We are sick and tired of small, small players in the industry. We help business owners perform an industry consolidation. You buy out several firms in your industry and build a single bigger company that can save more money in operational costs and grow faster, increasing profit and value creation in the process.

It is time to create bigger businesses.

Step 5

Taking Companies Public


The happiest day of your life (apart from getting married) is definitely the day you take your company public! We want to show you the joy of taking your company public and why that’s the road to real wealth.

Taking your company public is the greatest reward for your many years of blood, sweat and work on that business. That is how you create your legacy.

What baffles us is how this is not something many businessmen and entrepreneurs talk about.

For example, why does the Nigerian Stock Exchange have less than 200 companies listed?

We need to sensitize people about this and take companies public.